Is there a star around you?

Gephart Star Awards

Program Overview:

  • Supports behaviors highlighted in the Owner’s Plan: Culture & Leadership
  • Peer-to-peer nomination process
  • Recognition and great awards given four times a year

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Showing initiative/problem solving
Gephart’s success is dependent on its employees and we are often the first line of defense when it comes to identifying when things need to be done or spotting and resolving problems. We want to recognize people when they see issues and suggest or implement solutions, or when they come up with ideas for improving current processes and polices.
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Being a team player
So much of what we do at Gephart requires a team of people to be successful. Therefore, it makes sense to recognize those employees who perform a duty that was clearly beneficial to the group even at some personal sacrifice, are the first to volunteer for a tough project /assignment, or encourage others to share their ideas and participate in discussions.
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Outstanding customer service
Our business is heavily dependent on the satisfaction of both our internal and external customers. Whether it’s working with a general contractor or another department within Gephart, we want to recognize people when they clearly communicate with their customers, identify and anticipate their customers’ needs and are always looking for ways to help their customers.
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Contributes to a positive work environment
Gephart has always offered a positive work environment. We recognize this does not happen by accident and want to call out people who bring positivity to the interactions they have with their colleagues, who recognize others’ efforts or who pitch in with the little things such as cleaning up the break room or refilling printer paper.