16,000-seat arena used for NCAA basketball by the Nebraska Cornhuskers and for major concerts and shows for the Lincoln market. Gephart performed the electrical, technology and A/V systems work for this Design-Assist, GMP project including installing the 13.8kv primary distribution system, producing 20,000 amps of 480V power and over 13,000 light fixtures. The facility also includes an ice floor to support professional hockey and ice shows.


Gephart’s early involvement in the project allowed us to incorporate significant value analysis items during pre-construction. These included innovative design and reductions to sports lighting elements, alternate light fixture design, packaging and buyout, aluminum feeder conductors, expanded use of underground feeder installations, phasing to allow early permanent power to support field preparation, switchgear configuration modifications, generator reductions based upon calculations, early procurement based on BIM modeling, off-site storage facilities to accommodate pre-purchased items to guard against commodities increases, and facilitation of  just-in-time delivery to the job site.


Understanding the importance to the Lincoln community that local contractors play a role in the building of Pinnacle Bank Arena, Gephart partnered with locals ABC Electric and Gregg Electric on the project.  Utilizing their local labor knowledge and relationships and our large-project expertise and capabilities, the Gephart-ABC-Gregg team was able to deliver an arena that has opened to rave reviews.


In addition to finishing a month ahead of schedule, our frequent, regular and open discussions with the owner, design team and general contractor to assess requirements and options from the standpoint of cost, schedule and constructability, allowed us to deliver $2,300,000 in accepted value analysis options on the project.


  • Lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Landscape Accent Lighting
  • Sports Lighting
  • Parking Lot & Parking Ramp Lighting
  • Lighting and Dimming Systems
  • Broadcast – A/V – Tele/Data Technology Systems
  • UPS System
  • Electrical Distribution System
  • Emergency Power System
  • Emergency Systems
  • Dimming Systems
  • Fire Alarm
  • High Voltage
  • High Voltage Distribution
  • Lightning Protection System
  • Cable Tray
"Over the years I have worked with numerous electrical subcontractors on complicated sports facilities. Gephart's experience with this building type was obvious during the construction of the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, NE. Their management process and approach to completing work in the field made my experience with their organization conflict free and allowed our project to be on time and meet the Owner's budget."
Mike Clay, Executive Project Manager, PC Sports