Infrared Thermal Imaging

Gephart is powered by intelligence.

Protecting your investment with a predictive maintenance tool such as Infrared Thermal Imaging only makes sense. Not having to find a separate electrical contractor to do the job makes even more sense.

Experience Counts

Preventing costly damage with Gephart’s Infrared Thermal Imaging.

As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The lesson is especially true for electrical malfunctions—it’s best to identify and fix faulty components, connections, and overloads before they cause catastrophic damage and unscheduled downtime.


Since potential electrical problems typically aren’t visible, predictive maintenance with Gephart’s Infrared Thermal Imaging can prevent costly damage, repairs, and downtime by inspecting your electrical distribution equipment and pinpointing “hot spots.”

Gephart thermographers use the latest test instrumentation and analysis software to identify problems and provide diagnostic reports citing defects and recommended corrective actions, along with follow-up images after repairs have been made.

Predictive maintenance with Gephart’s Infrared Thermal Imaging detects problems quickly, reduces power outages, minimizes maintenance and troubleshooting time, complies with insurance company requirements, and checks for defective equipment while under manufacturer’s warranty. Many repairs can be made on-the-spot and equipment can be checked for defects while still under manufacturer warranty.


  • Distribution & Control Equipment: Switchboards, Motor Control Centers, Panel Boards, ATS’s, Drives, Switches, Transformers, and Control Panels.
  • Substation Components: High and Medium Voltage Transformers, Capacitor Banks, Disconnect Switches, Fuses, Bus, Relays, Breakers, Meters, and Controls.
  • In-Plant Components: Circuit Breakers, Enclosed and Exposed Bus, Bus Taps, Fuses, Motor Windings, Motors, Generator Brushes, Relays, Meters, Switches, Regulators, Cable Trays, and Circuit Boards.