High Voltage

Quality electrical work makes projects come to life.

We have the experience required to perform high voltage electrical work for any size project. Our certified technicians will handle all of your project’s 5 KV, 15 KV, and 35 KV systems needs.

Experience Counts

Gephart can provide the high voltage service your project needs.

Gephart has substantial experience in the installation, retrofit, and repair of high voltage distribution equipment, raceway, cable, and terminations. Gephart has a staff of experienced, certified technicians for cable installation and terminations on 5 KV, 15 KV, and 35 KV systems.


Recent sample projects include a major hospital project with two 13.8 KV, 600 amp substations feeding two 4-section switchboards at 13.8 KV, and a Major League Baseball stadium with two 13.8 KV service feeds needing the installation of 13 sections of high voltage gear as well as installation and termination of over 13,000 feet of high voltage cable. Gephart can provide the high voltage service your project needs.

  • 5 KV, 15 KV, & 35 KV Raceway, Cable, & Terminations
  • High Voltage Distribution Equipment, & Switchgear
  • Installations, Retrofits, & Repairs
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Emergency Power Systems & Generators

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