Water Treatment Plants

We provide more than skilled labor. We provide experienced labor.

We have strong experience in water treatment plant projects both large and small. These difficult projects are where our field personnel really shine as they meet or exceed the requirements of the of the owner and our construction partners on the project.

Experience Counts

Sample Projects
  • Buffalo Water Treatment Plant

    Location: Buffalo, MN
    Client: City of Buffalo
    Size: 35 MGD
    Details: Preliminary treatment improvements, new Phosphorus selectroc basin, disinfection equipment replacement, new RCP effluent line, modifications and improvements to the existing control building, new biosolids drying and incineration facility and other related improvements.

  • Columbia Heights Water Filtration Plant

    Location: Columbia Heights, MN
    Client: Adolphson & Peterson
    Size: 105 MGD
    Details: New state-of-the-art filtration plant consisting of multiple pumping facilities, membrane filtration equipment, chemical feed and storage facilities office, control room, locker rooms, restrooms, conference center, and lunch room.

  • Hutchinson Water Treatment Facility

    Location: Hutchinson, MN
    Size: 7 MGD
    Details: Municipal water treatment facility including new ancillary buildings, new well pumps, pitless adapters, integration and control.

  • Scotts Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Location: Clifco, TN
    Client: Clifco
    Size: 5 MGD
    Details: Power and controls update in existing plant along with construction of new plant, new MCC Building and new Solids Handling Building.

  • Seneca Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Location: St. Paul, MN
    Client: Metropolitan Council
    Size: 38 MGD
    Details: Municipal water treatment plant upgrade to fully automatic primary and secondary treatments to wastewater.

  • Short Fork Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Location: Hernando, MS
    Client: Army Corps of Engineers Memphis District
    Size: 8 MGD
    Details: New plant consisting of new lab/MCC building, headworks, two clarifiers, screw pumps, three-pass aeration basin, UV disinfections flume and two effluent pumps.