Tenant Improvements

Good enough is never good enough.

We grew up in the Tenant Improvements market and continue to be a leader in this area. Gephart knows you need a finished space that is both functional and impressive so we work hard to make sure our work is your vision.

Safety is the top priority.

Sample Projects
  • Cray_Co-8362-221Thum (1)
    Cray Companies

    Location: St. Paul, MN
    Client: CCP
    Size: 40,000 SF
    Details: Modify and upgrade existing office space.

  • E_Funds_-221Thum-2623

    Location: Woodbury, MN
    Client: Bainey
    Size: 80,000 SF
    Details: Construction of call center, data center and offices.

  • GeneralMills_Taste-221Thum-0721
    General Mills Taste Center

    Location: Golden Valley, MN
    Client: McGough
    Size: 10,000 SF
    Details: Offices, photo area and kitchen for production of food products

  • Minute_Clinic-221Thum-1859
    Minute Clinic Headquarters

    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Client: Welsh
    Size: 50,000 SF
    Details: Three-floor tenant remodel in less than 10 weeks.

  • Wed_NorthWest_9-30-9

    Location: Plymouth, MN
    Client: Kraus Anderson
    Size: 40,000 SF
    Details: Modify and upgrade existing office space.

  • StayWell-221Thum-2461

    Location: Eagan, MN
    Client: RJ Ryan
    Size: 80,000 SF
    Details: Single-story, high-end finish of offices and conference rooms.

  • Xcel_Energy-221Thum-2875
    Xcel Energy

    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Client: Greiner
    Size: 30,000 SF
    Details: General office renovation.