Low Voltage

Doing things the right way is the only way we know.

Gephart offers stand alone low voltage systems design or complete systems installation services. We have RCDD and CAD professionals on staff and technicians and installers with extensive training from the IBEW, JATC, BICSI, and several product manufacturers.

Experience Counts

Sample Projects
  • Minnesota State Capitol Restoration

    Location: St. Paul, MN
    Client: JE Dunn Construction
    Size: 382,915 SF
    Details: Complete restoration of both electrical and low voltage systems for the 382,915 SF Minnesota State Capitol built in 1905.

  • Semiconductor Fabrication Building

    Location: Burnsville, MN
    Client: Knutson Construction
    Size: 80,000 SF
    Details: Design-build construction of a 10-cleanroom, state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing facility. Project required significant use of BIM for trade coordination and utilization of clean construction methods.

  • Unitron Hearing

    Location: Plymouth, MN
    Client: Unitron Hearin
    Size: 85,000 SF
    Details: Office and manufacturing cabling including: 837 Catergory 6, 10GIG Fiber Optic, RG11, & Multi-pair Backbone cabling. The project was a complete design build using state of the art design software. The cabling system is certified by Panduit & General.

  • Think Mutual Bank

    Location: Apple Valley, MN
    Client: Think Mutual Bank
    Size: N/A
    Details: 7,000-to-14,000 SF retail banking in Eagan and Apple Valley. Each location included over 180 Category 6E data cables, racking system, ladder racking, grounding, cable management, patch cables, and angled patch panels. The cabling system is certified by Panduit & General.

  • Four Winds Hartford

    Location: Hartford, MI
    Client: Christman/Kraus-Anderson
    Size: 51,150 SF
    Details: Provided design-assist electrical services and design-build low voltage systems.

  • Four Winds New Buffalo

    Location: New Buffalo, MI
    Client: Four Winds Casino Resort
    Size: 280,000 SF
    Details: Provided design-assist electrical services and design-build low voltage systems.

  • Choctaw Casino Resort (Photo Courtesy of Darius Kuzmickas)
    Choctaw Casino Resort

    Location: Durant, OK
    Client: Choctaw Casino Resort
    Size: 500,000 SF
    Details: Casino expansion for over 3,000 slot machines, five new restaurant venues, and a new 330-room hotel tower.

  • Array Services Group

    Location: Sartell, MN
    Client: Array Services Group
    Size: 20,000 SF
    Details: Call Center installation of over 400 Category 6 data cables in raised floor application. The call center was linked together by an outside plant fiber optic cable to the home office. The cabling system is certified by Leviton & Superior Essex.

  • AAA

    Location: Various
    Client: AAA
    Size: N/A
    Details: Installation of communications fiber optic & copper cabling systems on a nationwide basis. The cabling systems consist of category 5e, 2-post data racks or enclosed cabinets, patch panels data/voice, cable management, ladder racking, DMARC extension, UPS install, and grounding. The cabling systems are certified by Hubbell & General.

  • Syncada LLC

    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Client: Syncada LLC
    Size: N/A
    Details: Three floors of standard tennant office space including: 799 Category 6, 10GIG Fiber Optic & Category 3 Multi-pair Backbone, CCTV, Access Control, and Sound Masking. The cabling system is certified by Panduit & General.

  • Xcel Energy Center – Low Voltage

    Location: St. Paul, MN
    Client: Mortenson
    Size: 650,000 SF
    Details: Construction of 18,064-seat, state- of-the-art NHL facility included commissioning of a 7,000 SF data center and over 30 communications closets. Termination and testing of over 6,000 category 5e/6 cables for wireless, voice, and data, 648 strands of multimode fiber, 108 strands of singlemode fiber, copper riser backbone cabling, and all A/V cabling.

  • Minnesota Zoo Russia's Grizzly Coast Exhibit (George Caswell Photography)
    Minnesota Zoo Russia’s Grizzly Coast

    Location: Apple Valley, MN
    Client: Minnesota Zoo
    Size: N/A
    Details: Installation of outdoor fiber optics and copper cabling. System included a combination of six and twelve strand fiber throughout the park along with category 3 copper cabling.

  • United Hospital District

    Location: Blue Earth, MN
    Client: United Hospital District
    Size: 85,000 SF
    Details: Hospital and clinic expansion of over 800 Category 6 data cables and 192 Data Center Cables. There was a combination of new and existing closets tied together by single-mode and multi-mode fiber optics, RG11 and multi-pair copper cabling. The cabling system is certified by Leviton & Superior Essex.

  • United Bankers Bank

    Location: Bloomington, MN
    Client: United Bankers Bank
    Size: 30,000 SF
    Details: Remodel of existing floors 12, 14, and 15 in the South Point Building. The project consisted of 10GIG mult-fiber optic and RG11 backbone cables, category 5e and 6a data cabling, RG6 TV cabling, IP camera installation, telecommunications racking systems, and data cabinets. Over 750 category 5e/6a cables installed and Panduit certified.

  • Hiawatha Flats

    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Client: Klodt, Inc.
    Size: 550,000 SF
    Details: Electrical construction and low voltage for 231 high-end residential units in multiple buildings that underground parking included pools, saunas, exercise rooms and other amenities.

  • Isle of Capri – Tunica

    Location: Robinsonville, MS
    Client: Roy Anderson
    Size: 220,000 SF
    Details: Renovation of existing 1,500-slots casino including gaming areas, food and beverage areas as well as construction of new state-of-the-art performing theater and 260 room hotel.

  • Lucky Eagle Casino Phase I Renovation

    Location: Eagle Pass, TX
    Client: JE Dunn
    Size: 40,000 SF
    Details: Renovation of 1,000-slots casino including gaming areas and food and beverage areas.

  • MN Correctional Facility – Faribault Facilities Replacement

    Location: Faribault,, MN
    Client: Adolfson & Peterson
    Size: 300,000 SF
    Details: Electrical and low voltage systems installations for three new inmate housing buildings, a food service building and site utility infrastructure.

  • Panera

    Location: Plymouth, MN
    Client: Panera
    Size: 5,000 SF
    Details: Gephart has been a part of opening 20-plus Panera stores as well as providing ongoing electrical service and maintenance.

  • Plum Point Energy Station

    Location: Osceola, AR
    Client: Superior Building Systems
    Size: 53,019 SF
    Details: Installation of branch power, lighting, paging system, and phone/data for six support buildings at the Plum Point Coal Fired Generation Plant. Also made 1900 fiber connections and tested 925 strands throughout the entire plant.

  • Republican National Convention

    Location: St. Paul, MN
    Client: Freeman Companies
    Size: N/A
    Details: Temporary cabling for multiple clients including Fox News, C-SPAN, CBS, NBC, CNN, and many other well known news network companies that reported the RNC. This project consisted of data, CATV, fiber optic, and base band A/V cables. Pulled and terminated roughly 480 strands single-mode fiber, 100 network cables, 200 cable TV, and 300 base band A/V cables within a span of three months.

  • U of MN Combined Dorm Security Updates I

    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Client: University of MN (PIPS)
    Size: N/A
    Details: Provide and install security cameras, DVRs and monitors in Centennial, Frontier, Pioneer, and Territorial Halls.

  • U of MN Combined Dorm Security Updates II

    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Client: University of MN (PIPS)
    Size: N/A
    Details: Provide and install security cameras, DVRs and monitors in Bailey, Sanford, Wilkins and Yudof Halls

  • U of MN Combined Parking Surveillance Upgrades

    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Client: University of MN (PIPS)
    Size: N/A
    Details: Provide and install security cameras, DVRs, and monitors in Oak St. Ramp, Nolte Garage, and West Bank Office Building Ramp.

  • U of MN Masonic Cancer Center FA Upgrade

    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Client: University of MN (PIPS)
    Size: N/A
    Details: Complete removal of existing fire alarm system and the installation of a new fire alarm system in a five-story medical clinic/office building.

  • U of MN Physics and Nanotechnology

    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Client: Mortenson
    Size: 145,000 SF
    Details: 5-level facility with more than 15,000 square feet dedicated to nanotechnology research, including a clean room facility with two Class 10 bays and three Class 100 bays. Project marks Gephart’s 50th for the University of Minnesota.