Minnesota Departments of Agriculture and Health Laboratory Facility


Gephart was hired to perform electrical construction of these brand new Minnesota Departments of Agriculture and Health laboratory facilities in St. Paul, Minnesota.


This project was one of two major projects being done simultaneously within the tight quarters of the Minnesota state capitol complex, which provided several logistical challenges. So we planned carefully to account for traffic, delivery of materials, and the capitol’s busy day-to-day working environment.

We also worked with the general contractor, engineers and architects to successfully meet several unique installation requirements. As these laboratories perform such mission-critical procedures as the monitoring of infectious diseases, food-borne illnesses and public-health emergencies, in addition to routine public-health testing, the project mandated that all conduits, fittings, and boxes in the pressurized laboratories have airtight seals. As a result, we consulted closely with the laboratory experts to successfully achieve the necessary sealing of these lab spaces. In addition, thorough coordination was needed for the installation of the facilities’ 2188kV emergency generator, which was located underground and lowered into place with a crane.

Service distribution for the building required seven transfer switches. We worked closely with the architect, engineer, general contractor, and owner to coordinate the successful installation of Service Distribution Units, which were located in the ceilings and needed to accommodate all of the facilities’ electrical, mechanical, and gas feeds.

Most importantly, this complex, high-tech project finished on time. In a total team effort, Gephart personnel worked the equivalent of 16 weeks of overtime to help drive this project to completion.


After 18 months, the laboratories successfully passed testing and certification by the Lab Consultant and Gephart Electric completed the project on schedule.


  • Bus Ducts
  • Cabling & Cable Tray
  • Computer/Telephone Raceway Systems
  • Electrical Distribution System
  • Emergency Systems, Power, & Generator
  • High Voltage & High Voltage Distribution
  • Lighting: Accent, Flood, Landscape, Parking Lot, Outdoor
  • Lighting & Dimming Systems
  • Low Voltage & Special Systems
  • Security & Surveillance Systems
  • UPS System
"The MDA/MDH project was a challenging one which made our success on the project very satisfying. Though I have led two major league stadium projects, the complexity of this project with its cutting edge laboratory design and security requirements, and its unique location challenges - including coordination with the State Capitol Complex power grid and security measures - made it one of the highlights of my career as a Superintendent. I was especially proud of our team and how they performed on this one."
Jerry Gahm, Gephart Electric General Superintendent