On Schedule and Under Budget


Gephart Electric teamed with Boldt Construction to provide this confidential client with a new 92,000 SF, standalone replacement hospital in the Midwest. The facility includes 15 private patient rooms for inpatient care, 1 operating room, an endoscopy suite, 3 imaging rooms and an emergency department with 2 critical care rooms, a triage room and 5 treatment rooms.  Clinical services include 24 exam rooms for outpatient care along with specialty rooms for Cardiology, Dermatology, Podiatry, Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat), Pediatrics, and Psychology. The facility also has a dedicated space for rehabilitation services allowing inpatients and outpatients needing physical and occupational therapy or cardiac rehabilitation the necessary equipment and services on site.


Gephart worked closely with design/assist partner Dunham Associates to deliver the project. Being involved as a design partner allowed us to join the building process early and bring our substantial healthcare project experience to the design. We also worked with Boldt and the other trades prior to the start of construction, participating in “Pull Planning Meetings” in which the team would anticipate the coordination of work scopes and their durations to shorten the overall project schedule. And, of course, we made extensive use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for spatial coordination with the other trades including laying out – with clearances – all electrical rooms and major equipment, feeder conduit routes, conduit racks for branch circuiting, light fixtures and mechanical equipment.


In addition to the medium voltage electrical work, Gephart performed rough-in for all low voltage systems on this project. Gephart Low Voltage provided a complete system which included cabling, racking, wall jacks and testing for the Tele/Data and CATV Systems. Our low voltage group also worked with multiple vendors to furnish and install the cabling for the following systems: Card Access, Video Surveillance, Nurse Call and Audio Video. We were able to offer the owner cost savings along with helping improve the construction schedule by having one sub-contractor performing all the cabling work for the multiple low voltage systems.


Gephart worked with Boldt, the Owner and Dunham to provide almost $400,000 in value alternate ideas to help bring the project in budget. We also worked closely with Boldt and other on-site trades to make sure long lead items were procured early to maintain the project schedule. In addition, all of the low voltage cabling along with the branch circuiting was installed prior to the installation of the sheetrock to limit the exposure within finished spaces and minimize work needed in each room after rough-in. As a result of the BIM modeling, pre-fabrication and scheduling ideas, Gephart was able to reduce labor hours on the project and return unused labor costs back to the owner as additional savings during the project.


  • Electrical distribution system
  • Low-voltage systems rough-in
  • Security & surveillance rough-in
  • Emergency power system
  • Emergency systems
  • Lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Landscape accent lighting
  • Outdoor building and canopy lighting
  • Exterior helipad and parking lot lighting
  • Lighting and dimming systems
  • Computer/telephone raceway systems
  • Dimming systems
  • Fire alarm
  • Emergency generator
  • Lightning protection system
"Gephart Electric was instrumental in the success of this hospital project. We engaged Gephart with the intentions of forming a true partnership, along with our mechanical contractor, that would drive value into the project for the owner, would provide a high level of quality, and complete the project within our aggressive deadlines. Gephart stepped up to the challenge and found several ways to provide more value for the owner while reducing the electrical budget, as well as providing a strong level of leadership in the delivery and performance in the field. From pre-construction to project management to field leadership to craft performance in the field, Gephart worked collaboratively with our team and delivered an excellent product."
- Jason Krueger, Director of Healthcare, The Boldt Company